SUE Herbal magic in Savinja valley

5 senses, 2 Baba’s, 1 herbal garden

In the heart of Gornji Grad is a white Baroque cathedral, the largest in Slovenia. Behind it, on the former estate of the local monks, a charming herb garden is hidden. Its guardians, herbalists Maja and Amanda, lead you along the path of history to the magical world of herbs. Indulge yourself. Deeply experience the magic of herbal bathing, the ethereal scent of herbs, and cups of tea that convey you to your inner world.

The herbs gently whisper stories. Yours too. Listen to it.

Five senses, two Babas (Baba means “wise woman”) and one herb garden evoke a sensory experience as well as a personal narrative and affirmation. With a natural sequence of stories and locations, we open the door for you to an intimate world of reflection, inspiration and contemplation.

With each carefully selected location, story, challenge and invitation, the now obscured story of the 333 years of the Benedictines’ life in Gornji Grad is subtly and gradually revealed.

Along the way, you become familiar with the biodiversity of Slovenia, as there are over 160 species of herbs in the garden. Over tea you can listen to special stories about the culture of tea drinking in the Upper Savinja Valley.

You take the leading role in the experience. At the well, just as the monks once did, you wash your hands, catch the water and take your first sip with closed eyes. With the help of sensory exercises and pristine barefoot contact with the earth, the herbal bath in the garden gently caresses all of your senses. Before leaving for the herbalist’s shop, you collect a bouquet of herbs for a herb spread. In the herbalist’s shop, you lose yourself in lively everyday work. You make your own personalised incense from selected herbs and create a delicious herb spread from the bouquet of fresh herbs you collected. The experience is rounded off with tea and a plate of homemade delicacies. A real sensory pampering for you and your senses!

The experience includes:

– homemade iced tea made from fresh herbs

– sampling water from a century-old well

– a tour of the largest and most important Baroque church in Slovenia

– a herbal bath in the garden

– familiarisation with five indigenous herbs

– picking herbs for a herb spread

– preparation of a herb spread

– lighting a fire in the fireplace

– making personalised herbal incense

– tea spiced with local stories

– sampling a colourful herbal plate (buckwheat bread, spread, local cheese, three types of homemade honey)

– gifts


When: from May to October

Where: herbalist shop, cathedral park and herb garden

Duration: 5 hours


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